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What is Wellness?
Many people think that because they are not currently in the hospital or don't take the day off due to illness, they feel good. Wellness, however, is much more, as opposed to just being sick, it is the feeling of total health in all areas. Wellness means having the energy to do everything that you want to do. It means to wake up feeling great with no need to take drugs to start the day. That means playing with children without loosing your breath. It also means maintaining proper weight.

Wellness Industry - Health Industry
The name "wellness" appeared quite unexpectedly and was accepted virtually worldwide. It would be hard to find a free domain website not including the term wellness. The originator of this tremendous and ever-growing popularity of spa industry was Paul Zane Pilzer, who not only discovered a new industry to the world, but was also active in the process of public education in this field.

Who is Paul Zane Pilzer?
It is the world famous economist, a multimillionaire in software industry, the author of three well-selling books and a researcher, an adviser of U.S. presidents and a great orator. Pilzer completed high school in just 3 years, received an MBA from Wharton in 15 months. At the age of 24 he held professorial internship in New York, where he spent the next 20 years of his life. At the age of 22 he became the youngest employee of a high-level Citibank, and at the age of 25 years he became its youngest vice president. Pilzer earned his first one million U.S. dollars before he was 26 years old, and his first 10 million U.S. dollars before the age of 30. He was a commentator on National Public Radio and CNN, an economic adviser in two presidential administrations. He is the author of several famous books, such as: "Other People's Money (Simon & Schuster, 1989), Unlimited Wealth (Crown Publishers, 1990/1994), and God Wants You To Be Rich (Simon & Schuster, 1995/1997). In a recent book " The Wellness Revolution. How to make a fortune in the next Trillion Industry"(John Wiley & Sons, 2002), Pilzer sets " wellness "industry as the next one trillion in our economy - industry, which arise subsequent fortunes of the new millennium.

It is worth to notice: At the beginning of the 80s Pilzer accurately predicted the dynamic development in the computer industry, which over decades has achieved revenue in excess of a trillion U.S. dollars. Moreover, believing in his own forecast he made a fortune. His talent for long-term forecasts has resulted in research, through which he discovered wellness industry and has set a faster pace of its growth. So he actively joined in the business, appearing at gatherings of independent distributors of one of the wellness industry companies.

Wellness industry is the "health industry, which Pilzer differs from the" sickness industry "(as in fact it identifies both conventional medicine and its associated pharmaceutical). Medical industry is reactive, according to him, as a man becomes its client only to respond to specific conditions and situations. Man does not want to be a customer of the hospital. Thus, medical industry products and services are delivered in response to the diseases ranging from common, seasonal, ending in cancer. These products and services are designed to treat the symptoms and causes of diseases. Health industry is active. People willingly become customers to get better well-being, reduce the effects of aging and minimize the risk of becoming clients of industry conditions. Products and services of the industry are being actively sought by healthy people who want to feel even healthier, more efficient, more beautiful, younger and protected against diseases.

So what can provide the wellness industry?
Forms of physical activity (fitness clubs, wellness, active recreation, etc.)
• Healthy food
• Supplements and vitamins.

Why do we need the revolution?
Gigantic increase in the number of obese and overweight, which is the result of industrial food processing and greedy business of the fast food industry, is another appalling statistics and the application of the independent government reports in the U.S.. Very rapid increase in obesity among children, the incidence of various civilization diseases, the dismal outlook for the next generation and also a symptom of powerlessness of conventional medicine to face the challenges of civilization, associated with the lifestyle of a modern man, who:

• in the past 30 years, succumbing to advertising, eats instant soups, microwave dishes and anything with fast-food-in, thinking that he nourishes and what's the worst provides his children with so called "happy meals "

• living in stress and struggling for survival swallows a large number of tablets, painkillers and antidepressants, pacified by television advertising that during the next 12 hours nothing will hurt him,

• consumes highly processed food made of industrially grown cereals, vegetables and fruit and industrially farmed animals, then seasoned with dyes, preservatives and other discoveries of modern chemistry and prepared for consumption in such a way as to deprive it of essential nutrients

• does not have the time nor the basic knowledge on how to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Revolution is already taking place. The U.S.A. not for the first time becomes a precursor of changes that other countries will follow. The last changes in the health insurance system in the United States must be regarded as a breakthrough (in 2003 health care premium will be divided into expenditure on removal of the effects of diseases and the personal expenses of taxpayers on health prevention ). Appropriations not spent will be capitalized on individual accounts as a "health equity".

Is wellness industry a threat, or perhaps an ally of the world of medicine? It is noteworthy to read the statutory provision, which deals with medical responsibilities, which occurs in the legislation of many countries, including Poland. In Article 4 of the Medical Profession Act we read: (quoted): "The doctor is obliged to pursue their profession as indicated by current medical knowledge available to him the methods and means of preventing, diagnosing and treating diseases."

Wellness Industry is:
• complementary and natural complement to conventional medicine,
• inevitable development, to which physicians should adopt a proactive stance,
• amazing new source of revenue for operators,
• consistent continuation of the process of cleaning the environment - the ecological environment for human ecology, as expressed in the prophylaxis of mental and physical health. "

The wellness industry is a natural ally of conventional medicine, bringing solutions that are very much needed right now in the technological civilization, and information eraand that are seeking by doctors for centuries. Wellness industry is a contemporary response to the dream of the great physicians, philosophers and scientists who believe that human wisdom will lead to efficient use of food as a means of health. "You are what you eat." "Food is your medicine."

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